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Unscientific nº2 – Morning birds and Nightly Owls

Welcome back to Scientificly Unscientific!

Today I want you to imagine something.


“The birds singing; the sky is quiet, and everything is peaceful.


Two man stand in front of a wall; their tool belts weighting heavily on their waist. They pull their pants down, just enough, to allow their butt-crack to breathe. They look at the watch in their wrist, anxiously waiting. Anticipation killing them. 

3 Seconds to go.

They raise their hammers in the air, counting the seconds.

2 Seconds.

Holding their breathes, they wait.

1 Second 

The hammers began their way down, cutting through the air, forcing their weigh into their target. 

09.00 AM (Not one second latter, not one second before)

The hammers hit their targets; two innocent nails.

Savagely and wildly, the hammers hit the nails, again and again. And when their done with those two, they moved onto another nail.

They’re trying to make a symphony, but they’re terrible musicians. They’re not even synchronize! But it doesn’t matter because this is their moment – the veil is up. The law of silence no longer lives. No more need for special noise licenses, concerts can be given whenever without having to worry about making too much noise! It’s anarchy. Noise is King! All hail the rightful king…! (At least until is night again, when the law of silence will rise from is tomb, to force everyone into a peaceful quiet.”


This is what I imagine happened in my neighbor’s house this morning.

It was 9.00 AM sharp when they began hammering their house, like they usually do, oh so often.  This is the part when you say – well people need to work on the house sometimes…. So let them.

Yes, you’re totally right. But this particularly people, have been doing this for years. By now, I imagine they have knocked down the walls twice, and rebuilt them three times; Destroyed and built the furniture 4 times, and are now wildly crushing the walls again.

But it’s fine, that’s not even the point. The point is, because I was sleeping and was awaken by this, I began wondering, and It lead me to this post – The silence law and nightly owls.

You see, nowadays, there are A LOT of people that work at night; a lot of jobs require them to. So my question is – why is there a law of silence for people that work from 9 am to 5/6 p.m., but not one for those that work at night, and need to sleep during the day?

It’s really unfair. People that work at night should have the same rights as those that work during the day.

And that’s not only that. I believe I read somewhere that there are two kinds of people – Morning birds and nightly howls. In that article (I believe it was an online news, but this is internet, so 1º I could be wrong or 2º It could had been a completely made up article), people where divided in two categories based on their brains. Apparently some can function in the morning and others are more productive in the afternoon.

So, you see, there are a lot of nightly owls out there. They’re not a minority. So my question remains the same, and without answer – why is it that there is a law to allow people to sleep at night, but one to allow people to sleep in the morning?

Well, that’s all for today.

If you have an answer to this question, feel free to answer in the comments. I would love to hear from you.