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Who’s going to sit on the Iron throne?

We’re on the 6th season of Game of Thrones and there’s a lot that happen and a lot that didn’t (at least that’s what everyone has been saying. I’ve decided to only read the books after I have them all. Which means G. R. R. Martin has to finish the series before I even start to read the first book).

So everything I’m about to say is based ONLY on the Series.

After 6 years of Game of Thrones it’s impossible not to see some patterns in the story arc. That leads to everyone having their own opinion on how the story is going to end. This is my vision of it. I won’t talk about every character, because in total honesty I believe that 70% of them will already be dead after next season. Why? Because the death ratio in Westeros has been increasing significantly over the years.

The only thing fans can be sure by now is that no one is save.

(I add the fact that G. R. R. Martin met with Stephen King the other day, so that may have given George some inspiration on how to kill some more character…)

So I’m going to focus on this season and what I think is going to happen in the final.

In the last episode we see Daenerys madness growing. And by the looks of it, she likes Yara Greyjoy… and let’s be honest… that’s one hell of a troublemaker right there, and I bet that’s not going to help Daenerys to be reasonable person. Besides she’s what? 16/17? And we’ve all been seeing how power has been growing to her head. She burned people alive to get an army! How’s that for madness?!

Tyrion even mention Daenerys father, reminding her what got him killed – Madness. She was responsive to it…but the more she grows I bet the less advice she’ll take in consideration. And I don’t see the producers making this kind of scene if it didn’t had a meaning. So probably it means she WILL be consumed by madness.

I do believe Daenerys will sit on the iron throne in the finale.

She will win the battle against Westeros. But I also believe that by then she’ll be completely mad and beyond saving. History will repeat itself.

So who do I think is going to kill her? Tyrion. Yup the tinny smart, drunk, sex-addict dwarf. Tyrion is a good guy, and he does see things that no-one else does. For now he’s there to help Daenerys control her madness, but how will he react when he can no longer bring Daenerys back to reason?


How’s that going to affect the end and who’s going to rule the Iron Throne?

Well, without Daenerys, there has to be someone else to rule. I doubt Tyrion could do that. He tried this season to rule in Marine, but showed he had no strength to do what’s necessary. He’s a diplomate, not a king.

Then there’s Jon. Jon is also a nice guy. He likes to do things the right way, and he’s a good fighter, and he has a good set of followers. But, I don’t think he’ll rule the Iron throne. He’s from the North, he’s more attached to the northerners. And I doubt he’ll even leave the north. I don’t see Jon ruling Westeros. I don’t even think he likes power that much. Especially after he left his place as commander of the Night’s Watch. He saw that as a ruler he has to do things that he doesn’t like to do. That was his experience as a ruler, and it went bad. He died because of it! And had to kill because of it! I don’t think he can be king of Westeros after that.

Then who?

Well I’m not sure yet.

Sansa has been a growing character. She’s the opposite of Daenerys. She was a bad teenager to whom terrible things happened, and made her grow into a more stable person. And then there’s the fact that Littlefinger is by her side. Even if she doesn’t like him, she knows he’s a powerful ally.

Maybe it would be Littlefinger that would rule the Iron throne. He’s not a good person, that’s for sure. But he does what’s need to be done. He’s capable of doing bad things, and good things. He’s smart and resourceful. But then again he’s too smart to be a king. He knows better than that. After all – kings die a lot. So he would never be the king of Westeros. They all get murderer. He could rule the kingdom, but he would put someone else in the throne. Someone he could control. Like Robert Arryn, maybe… He’s an idiot kid, but Littlefinger already showed he can manipulate him. So who knows?

So yeah. Basically I’m not sure yet of whom would be better to rule the Iron throne. I’m just 90% sure that it shouldn’t be either Daenerys, John or even Tyrion.

If everyone is right about Sansa being pregnant, maybe it will be her child. Who knows, maybe the king of Westeros isn’t even born yet. That would be one hell of a plot twist, wouldn’t it?