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Good Bye

Today I say good bye to my volunteer work at the library.

It has been a long nine months filled with joy and friendship at this magical place. I’ve met great people and made amazing friends. But how could it be any different?

After all, the library is indeed a place of magic…

And for me, it has been the best of places. And luckily everyone (or almost everyone) was super kind and super helpful. I’m forever thankful for this opportunity.

If you read my previous post (Volunteering, internship and slavery) you’ll see I speak badly of volunteer work because it steals jobs. It is true, and I still defend that. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t ¬†love the experience. I did.

This was the last week. This was the last day. Everything went by so fast that I now believe that time does fly.

To all my new friends, to everyone that made my experience great – thank you. I will never forget any of the things we did and said.

Good bye.

Probably forever.