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The Unscientific Fundamentals of Blogging – Lesson nº 1

With the Creation of my blog I decided to join WordPress blogging “university”

Because the truth is:

I know nothing about blogging.

So I sure needed a course on it;

The first Lesson is to publish a post of “Who I am and Why I’m here“.

I took a course last month on communication in science; it was horrible! I mean don’t take me wrong, the course was great, I was the one that was terribly horrible at it. But I did learned one thing – people will hear you if you tell them a story.

So why not apply it in this specific post? After all is an “all about me” post. So here it goes – Who I am and why I’m here?

First let’s answer the: Who.

I have a cat, I named her “Miau” (which basically means “meow”). I did that because she “talks” a lot, she’s a very communicative cat. She’s also afraid of everything. Every Time the doorbell is heard, she hides under my sheets and you’ll not see her until there’s silence again… or if she smells food.

Why am I talking about my cat, you ask?

Because pets are the reflection of their owners/ caregivers.

Whenever the doorbell rings, I lock myself in my bedroom. I don’t like people. I’m socially awkward. I say all the wrong things at the wrong time… Unless there’s food. If there’s food, I’m fine with being around people (mostly because I’ll ignore everyone and focus on my food).

Also I don’t do drama.

I think that’s all you need to know  about me for now…

Now the why?

Because. Do I have to have a reason?